Past Programs

October 2021 Program – Have Broom, Will Travel

Canvas by Kam

September and November 2021 Program – Laurie’s Heart

Designed and taught by Nancy Cucci

June 2021 Program – Firecracker!

Canvas by Kam

Year Long Project – 2020 through May 2021

December Dazzle – Designed and taught by Nancy Cucci

Year Long Program – 2019 through 2020

Star Dance – Designed and taught by Margret Bendig

February and March 2019 Programs


The instructions for this purchased canvas were from the Needlepoint Now Magazine.

Stitching was taught by Mary Ellen Bell (February) and finishing was taught by Linda Dunsworth (March).

April 2019 Program

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water from the Chapter Program Book

Taught by Lynn Wilkenson

Sample stitched by Lynn Wilkenson

January 2019 Program


Designed and taught by Margaret Bendig

December 2018 Program

Silver and Gold Ornaments

Designed and Taught by Nancy Cucci

October 2018 Program

Candy Corn – Canvas by Kam

The January, May, and June programs of 2001 focused on Thanksgiving standups. The programs were taught by Lynn Wilkinson, Sally London, and Nancy Cucci.